cocoisim #32 (a post from coco's grandma)

Driving home from school yesterday...
C: What is your middle name grandma?
G: Elizabeth.
C: Grandma Elizabeth Archibald
G:  No, Dorothy Elizabeth Archibald
C: No, Grandma Elizabeth Archibald.  That's your name.
G:  Okay


cocoisim #31

this morning coco got a towel, and said she was "going to wipe off her tail and finally grow some legs.."


cocoisim #30

Coco thinks there should be a drink at Starbucks for her friends from Mexico called the Latt-ino.


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me "you have to floss now baby.."
coco "can I have some technical support?"

Coco to the dentist : "Are you a plaque vampire?"

Today on the way to the Good Will to donate old stuff Coco asked if there was a Bad Will.

cocoisim #29

"Incense smells like stripes, with ketchup on top."


cocoisim #28

Coco says: "Cooties are triangles that dance on your fingers."


cocoisim #27

Instead of shopping carts, Coco wants to buy all the homeless people dressers with wheels and horse reins.


cocoism #26

Coco said that she has the ability to turn the flowers in to snakes. Only at weddings.


cocoisim #25

Today I told Coco and Dorothy that our cat Sam died. Coco said, so now he's going to be on a dollar?


cocoisim #24

Coco got a teddy bear, and said "Hello, (pause) Winston Churchill."

And that's his name.

cocoisim #23

Coco wants a "burp thought translator".


cocoisim #22

Coco was feeling bad for a boy who got dumped on TV, so shes  making him crutches out of Redvines for his broken heart.

Cocoisim #21

Coco thinks it should rain on Venus.

Cocoisim #20

Coco is spreading her wishes on the floor.


cocoisim #19

Coco asked, "Why are there no Asian homeless people?"


cocoisim #18

Coco wants to know "if the clouds look down and try to figure out what shapes we look like".