cocoisim #111

Coco wants to make a "dead bird xing" yellow street sign for in front of her school.


cocoisim #110

Coco headed out in the backyard with the butterfly net. I said "whatcha doing?"
Coco said "Catching meteors."


cocoisim #109

Coco wants to know if everyone is allergic to poison.


cocoisim #108

Coco wants to know when "Black Irish heritage month is."


cocoisim #107

Today Coco is going to be pushing kings out of trees.



My daughter is coco. My daughter has autism. My daughter wrote this. And stood outside the house for 1/2 hour. My daughter, Coco, is perfect.

cocoisim #106

Coco is in the middle of somewhere.


cocoisim #105

Coco said she lost her finger in the fridge.


cocoisim #104

Remember the Mr. Men and little Miss books (http://www.mrmen.com/us/)? Well coco saw one in the store and asked if she could get Little Miss Delusional.


cocoisim #103

Coco, after a discussion about different religions, asked if people who liked Dora The Explorer were "Dorists."


cocoisim #102

Today Coco sings her song "Stark raving baby."


cocoisim #101

Coco wants to know what plants grow at the end of the world.


cocoisim #100

Coco in the woods.
"All of these trees are Jesus. Except that one."

100th Cocoisim Milestone!

Today we reach our 100th Cocoisim!

I want to take the time to thank my friends, family, and readers for their support in this project.

We are currently working a animated Coco, and collection of the top voted on posts for her future book.

Coco has become proud of her way of thinking through this project instead of feeling different or challenged.

Cocoisims has taken her "special needs" and made her just feel special.

I hope that you will continue to enjoy them as we continue enjoy posting them.

Thank you again

Lydiaemily, Dorothy and Coco


Big 100!

Tomorrow I will post the 100th Cocoisim. Thanks for all your support!

Cocoisim #99

Today Coco is eating breakfast in the 4th dimension.


Cocoisim #98

Last night Coco stole the moon, to make a stew.


Cocoisim #97

Coco says, when she grows up, she wants to be a "Bar Flea."


cocoisim #96

Coco says you should "Brush your teeth with Jell-o."


cocoisim #95

Coco, who is going through a Simpsons phase, thinks there should be a cereal called "Hank Azaria-Os's".


cocoisim #94

Coco says "Tom Hank's voice looks like a wave."

cocoisim #94

Today Coco is throwing her hands in the trash.


cocoisim #93

Coco wants to know if hurricanes Earl and Danielle are going to have a hurricane baby.

Cocoisim #92

"Mom, your driving is making my ears cry."

Were back!

Hello! Hope you all had a great summer. We are back! I have a few saved up so I will post a few to start us up... Cheers! Cocoisims ♥