Silence, is not an option...

Finally got artist Johnny Lee's great Cocoisims logo on some merch.
 Spread the word, wear it proud...


Cocoisim #17

Today, after hours in the pool, coco examined her fingers and toes and then asked me if "her teeth would also get pruned"


Cocoisim #16

Coco thinks there should be a Gorilla pound (a place to adopt gorillas).

Cocoisim #15

Dorothy and I sat in the living room yesterday watching NatGeo. Coco walked in, looked at the TV, looked at us, and said "TV stole man." and walked out.


cocoisim #14

Today on the way to the Good Will to donate old stuff Coco asked if there was a Bad Will.


cocoisim #13

Coco, a long time ago, thought when I was explaining 'Karma', that I said 'caramel'. Its been caramel ever since. When you do something bad you get bad caramel. She asked yesterday, after she got in trouble, if a box of See's Candy would get her out of it...


Coco-isim #12

Today, like many people we had the news on around the house (you know, health care reform vote day) and coco said to me..
"Mom, can you put the Whitehouse in the backyard?"
"Why?" I said.
"So I can ask the president for my flag back."



coco-isim #11

Coco to the dentist : "Are you a plaque vampire?"

coco-isim #10

Today we went to the library, coco didn't want to have to be quiet there. So she suggested to the Librarian to put a "cardboard box out front so people could leave their ears in it."

coco-isim #9

Coco thinks that there should be a flavor called "Black Jack Jello".


Sorry I have been away. Ms Coco has had a tooth ache and has been sick, but I have been writing down her isims and saving them for when I had a moment to blog. Coco will not tell me when her tooth hurts, I had to catch her trying to pull out her tooth with my tweezers in the bathroom mirror, poor thing :( But she had a root canal (if you are a LA parent of a special needs kids they do great work for us at http://www.ronaldabarodds.com/) and she is getting better thanks to the care of big sis Dorothy, who i don't mention enough here. She rocks. So here you go....


Coco-isim #8

me "you have to floss now baby.."
coco "can I have some technical support?"


Shameless plug time....

Having a child with Autism means many great things, but also unfortunately means much rejection... "Sorry we just don't have the facilities to support her.." is code for "No. You cant come here."
No to Girl Scouts, Karate, gym classes and so on. Unless of course I want to pay 3 times as much and then, even then they rethink it and its NO. Coco had to watch her older, typical (code speak for not autistic) sister go to all these cool things that she just wasn't allowed to do, even if I sat there and helped.
We were kicked out of Kids Klub in south Pasadena. I said I would sit with Coco but they said no, no parents allowed and no "special needs kids". Just in case you moms were thinking about that place, its a chain.

After sticking my head in many many martial arts studios and hearing "No, no, sorry, no" I just happened across Lees Taekwando. Master Johnny Lee not only took in Coco (and Dorothy) but also took some of Coco's friends with autism and know this, he had never worked with special needs kids before. Never. He just didn't see a problem there. I know amazing right?? I remember him saying to me when I asked him about her "What? Why cant they do it? Coco can do it! I know she can! She is no different."
And that is how he treated her and her friends, no different.

His studio is very reasonably priced, super clean, friendly and a place you can count on for discipline and for warmth.

My shameless plug is for a man who is forever tattooed on my heart for his unconditional love of kids, special needs or not, Master Lee. More then a friend, or master, but now a member of my family.
Less Taekwando

xx lydiaemily

Coco-isim #7

We found out our cat Joe is dying. Coco and Dorothy cried, and cried and cried. Joes heart is too big, something the Humane Society was not able to see when we got him as a kitten. Dorothy sat on the couch and asked many questions about the cat, the vet etc. Coco got up, went in to her bedroom and came out with the calendar from her wall. She took my finger and put it on the calendar and said, with tears in her eyes, "Point to the day I will feel better."


Coco-isim #6

Today while Dorothy, Coco and I were at Petsmart, Coco used her magic wand to turn the customers in to beads. She would tap people on the shoulder or back and say "you're beads. You, are, beads."


Coco-isim #5

"Can I turn the world upside down so I can fly?"


Coco-isim #4

"I want to be a vampire of eavesdropping."


Coco-isim #3

On being sick...
"Does this cold make me look fat?"