cocoisim #66

Last night, while I was asleep, coco woke me by whispering in my ear. She said "Mom, mom, heather (our kitten) spoke to me, she said hope."


cocoisim #65

Coco wants to take a field trip, to a funeral.


cocoisim #64 (the apple experiment)

Coco got up early, way before me. I heard her in the kitchen. When I came out she was dropping apples and cutting them open. I asked her what she was doing. This is a little hard to explain... She said she was trying to find out how to bruise the inside of the apple, in its core, without bruising the outside to do it. She had set up a series of experiments to test this. Dropping it, shaking it, freezing it, floating it. Needless to say, many apples were hurt during this experiment.


cocoisim #63

Coco cant take her feet anymore.


cocoisim #62

Coco is replacing her skin with bumper stickers.


cocoisim #61

Yesterday, Coco fell into a bush. She got up dusted herself off and yelled "Mom, I'm covered in Venus!"


cocoisim #60

Today Coco is "turning yellow cards to green cards, and red cards to apples".


cocoisim #59

Coco is working on a "soft shot" for kids who need vaccines.  We'll let you know how it goes...


cocoisim #58

Coco says she "CAN read Lady Gaga's poker face".


cocoisim #57 (ode to the native americans)

Coco is going to make a "Cootie Catcher" to hang next to her bedroom window.

cocoisim #56

Coco says her Grandma has a secret life as a gogo dancer in Africa.

cocoisim #55

Coco wants a job in Moe's Bar