Coco-isim #7

We found out our cat Joe is dying. Coco and Dorothy cried, and cried and cried. Joes heart is too big, something the Humane Society was not able to see when we got him as a kitten. Dorothy sat on the couch and asked many questions about the cat, the vet etc. Coco got up, went in to her bedroom and came out with the calendar from her wall. She took my finger and put it on the calendar and said, with tears in her eyes, "Point to the day I will feel better."


  1. OK, in trying to respond to nick, I deleted everyones comments by mistake, jesus, sorry!! I will get this blog thing down soon, promise!

  2. im so sorry ohh i cant belive it this is so sad im crying over here becase i love joe

  3. When you figure out what the date is let me know :(