Get in Coco's Hat

Hey! Wanna win some art, music or ink?!

Autism Speaks annual Walk Now for Autism is in two weeks!

Donate to or join Team Coco and you could win art from painters Van Arno or Paul Chatem and Jeremy Szuder, painter and street artist Lydiaemily Archibald, sculptor Margaret Leahy or how about an hour of free tattoo work by private tattoo artist Lantz Huston.

All of these things are up for grabs when you donate to Team Coco Blakeley.

Walk is Saturday April 23, 2011. The day before the walk, we will put all the names of people who donated into a hat,

and like the previous years, Coco will pull the names and put them to the prizes!

$40.00 gets you in the hat, and, for each $40.00 you donate you get an EXTRA name in the hat!

You could win....

Van Arno donated a peice. Vanarno.com

Paul Chatem donated 3 ink peices paulchatem.com.

Lydiaemily is giving away her original "Hope Bomb" lydiaemily.com.

A one hour private tattoo by Lantz Huston! Lantzhuston.com.

Sculptor Margaret Leahy's has donated Robert Tonners (tonnerdoll.com) small world doll (inspired by the ride designed by Mary Blair) sculpted by her and signed by him: happymargaret.com

Jeremy Szuder donated a piece. See him here:http://jeremyszuder.wordpress.com/

By Dawn Wirth!! 11 x 14 color Framed print of The Clash from Music Machine - in 1978

Be the 1st with the new CD by So They Go... Sotheygo.com

Art from Matthew Weinberg! matthew-weinberg

*And last but not least, a personal tour, by a JPL employee, of the crazy JPL grounds! If your a NASA geek this is your dream!

Poor? You can Join team Coco and get YOUR friends to donate and get your name in the hat that way. Sneaky hun?

Get in Coco's Hat!

This is the team link:


This is my personal page:



Thank you to all my amazing friends who donated to our team. Go Team Coco!!

Lydiaemily, Dorothy and Coco

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